Blog-Ger Day by CP All; Strangers or new friends?

It has been said that ‘Smile at strangers and you might just change a life’, well said and I think that this quote inspired me a lot once I got listed as of 210 Thai bloggers to attend ‘Blog-Ger Day by CP All’ last night. I first started my blog about travel, lifestyle, food and a bit of ‘this and that’ while I have a chance to visit, try and experience things around me and easy as that, I just wanna share.

Personally, I do love writing diary telling myself things I face each day and it could be love, your mood at work, some sad or great news or even sometimes the diary can be a hidden place where you can express out freely without any borders. I confessed that I use my diary to be the only place [or a person] that you can tell every stories, good or bad or sometimes you even cry out a river. A post card is also one of my collected stuffs, I would write one to myself, get it stamped and sent to my address telling how I feel visiting the place or country and once it arrives, it becomes your souvenir, nice isn’t it?

My blog started early this year [March 2016] with a surprise support from one of travel bloggers that when we talked he not only inspired me but he created my Traveling Sunday blog for me – How cool! I blog everything around me and it should be my style, my feeling and I speak what I want too. Even though the blog’s popularity is in learning curve, I find that writing a blog is another type of a cure being in this big city balancing yourself between work, life, family, friends and of course your love life! Even though my blog is new and has less popularity compared with other blogs, I am sure the content I provided represents myself and the way I see things and that becomes my uniqueness, at least I believe and trust myself that I could do it. You know, the day when the organizing team announced the results and I saw myself listed as number 2 blogger of that 210 list, I screamed out loud hahaha and that comes to the day I saw myself among top bloggers with million followers and am curious about what content they have and how can they do that and what about me – Can I do that one day too?

The event started at 6 p.m. and I entered the place alone with a hope to meet some of bloggers friends that were selected too and suddenly, lucky me, I met some and that could relief my fear of going to an event without knowing anyone. The event was organized by CP ALL, Thai Webmaster Association and Panyapiwat Institue of Management while they selected 210 bloggers in Thailand to meet [Or Jer in Thai language], to know each other and of course to update the latest trends from the invited guru. To me, this is a great event and the credit should go to Khun Banyat Kamnoonwat, Assistant Vice President of CP All to drive this event and of course the successful bloggers boot camp project, I just love what he said in front of us that he loves to write, he would support all writers [especially retired or even print media writers] and he catches the trend of this digital media world, the bloggers – That’s why he push to be the leader in the industry to have this blogger things, wow! [He speaks with his big smile, dedicated eyes and he shows that he is a visionary, I have no doubt why the big organization like CP All hires him as one of the company leaders.

The informative part of the event is, as told, from gurus while the interesting yet very fun part of the event is the networking session while all bloggers need to know each other at least 10 or more and you need to exchange the name cards in very limited time – This session is cool yet very productive as you smile a lot, speak or laugh and you know each other, the rest you just manage your connection afterwards. You know, I got back almost 100 cards back home with only one of my name card left!

Again, thanks to all related parties who organized this #BlogGerDayTH event and watch me for content [My way] and who knows, my little blog may be one of this quality blog community in Thailand! [If I become more popular and I know it takes a bit of time, ha ha ha]

Got some photos too and you can see how I feel, the photos tell it all.

More info about this event, please visit

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