Love and Warmth at Winter’s End

To dress in traditional Thai period costume and to experience day one of winter festival ‘Un Ai Rak Khlai Khwam Nao’ (Love and Warmth at Winter’s End) yesterday at the Royal Plaza on the grounds of Dusit Palace is such a memorable moment in Bangkok if you are here during February 8 to March 11, 2018.

For your information, if you don’t have Thai dress your dress code is just polite or you can rent the dress inside the event – No worries.

The weather is cool, the place is just right, people at the event is happy on their difficult-to-dress dress. They smile yes but for some of them this festival is a good chance to dress their traditional Thai period costumes and I’d say that everyone in the event. The look and feel are there while the fun and pride parts are there too as the event reflects the long-standing bond between the Royal Institution and the Thai people, plus corresponds to the wishes of the late King Rama IX to carry on, conserve and continue to further develop all aspects of life for the benefit of the Thai nation.

If you have time, I’d suggest that you come around 4 pm [Please bring your ID card or your passport along as there is security check at the entrance] and you can walk around the area, take photos, eat and of course do some shopping as most of the charitable activities proceeds are going to assist the under-privileged and needy in all regions of Thailand.
Event activities features many unique elements, including:

1: Exhibitions; The ‘Siam Pracha Ramluek’ (The Memoir of the Siamese People), on the grounds of Dusit Palace, which displays the biography and life work of King Rama V the Great through photographs and a QR code. The exhibition and activities show the bountiful love and endless reverence the Thai people have for their monarchy.

‘The Trees of Kings’ exhibition, in a Rama V the Great-era architectural style space, displays in-depth biographies and achievements dating from the days of King Rama V the Great through to King Rama IX. Storytelling though photographs and VDOs, using advanced mapping projection techniques, chronical Thailand’s development from the King Rama V the Great period to the King Rama IX period while emphasising the conservation and development efforts for the benefit and happiness of all Thai people.

2: Royal Family shops, and those of invited guests, plus ancient Thai food stalls and products, at Sanam Suea Pa under the theme of ‘Tai Rom Phra Borom Bodhi Som Bhan Sueb San Choom Chon Withi Thai’ (Under His Benevolence, Conserve Thai Local Communities).

The fun part I like most [Even though I did not win big prizes] is Thai-style lucky draws and games from the Kalapaphruk Tree, which all proceeds are going to assist the under-privileged and needy in all regions of Thailand.

3: Main stage featuring daily cultural performances from all regions of Thailand , including retro-style open-air cinema airing period films. To name a few, There is also demonstrations of fine art from the Royal Court that was passed down through generations including fresh floral garland making and cloth stitching, from the Royal Traditional Thai Crafts School for Women (Wittayalai Nai Wong Ying) and Royal Craftsmen College (Wittayalai Nai Wong Chai) which you can take courses to learn these fine arts that remain viable ways to make a living today.

The ‘Un Ai Rak Khlai Khwam Nao’ (Love and Warmth at Winter’s End) event is from February 8 to March 11, 2018, at the Royal Plaza on the grounds of Dusit Palace, from 10.30–21.00 Hrs., and until 22.00 Hrs. on Friday and Saturday. Entry is free.

Thank you TAT Newsroom for such a great details of this event in Bangkok, another cool event not to be missed.

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