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Passion from the North to nationwide


The story began when our team met to discuss ideas about ‘meet with purpose’ and how we could best implement it in Bangkok. Many agreed that we should focus upon the importance of sourcing local produce for our outlets.

‘Organic Thai rice’ is the obvious choice. Whilst it is a basic foodstuff it sits at the heart of Asian cuisine. In Thailand it represents the ‘Thainess’ that we all seek to share and to promote. There’s also a touching story to be told because it reminds so many team members of our home towns in Thailand.

Our purchasing team tried to source relevant contacts and they located Khun Christmas Charoenpanich or Dady Joe Joe, (44), a farmer in Chiangkham district, Phayao province who produces award-winning organic rice certified by Thai authorities at the Ministry of Commerce.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from West London University, England and now lives happily with his family on his organic rice farm in Chiangkham district, Phayao province.

He told us, “Since I was young, I have traveled a lot already. I wanted to return home to live with my family, to take good care of them, and to spend the rest of my life here in my homeland and grow organic, healthy food for them”, he said.

Ian Barrow, Cluster General Manager – Hilton and DoubleTree By Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok, explained, “We chose to buy this top quality organic rice from Khun Christmas to serve for our guests in a variety of dishes prepared by our expert Thai and international chefs. It is pleasing to know that our purchasing policy is helping Khun Christmas to support his family. We admired his dedication to his family and to his homeland and he sets a fine example to us all. We are also impressed with his knowledge about organic farming and the importance of environmentally friendly farming methods.”

At Hilton and DoubleTree By Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok we are proud to support farmers in Thailand. We buy organic rice directly from Thai farmers as part of the company’s policy to source local produce; to support, empower and strengthen local communities, and to promote safe and sustainable farming practices. Many farmers in Thailand are third or fourth generation rice growers, following the long family tradition of working the land to provide the region’s most important and essential food.

‘Mindful Eating’, one of the key pillars in the company’s ‘Meet with Purpose’ campaign, is designed to encourage healthy, well balanced diets. Hilton and DoubleTree By Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok’s policy of sourcing organic rice is based upon several important nutritional factors. Organic rice is planted, cultivated, processed and packed without the use of chemicals. Because organic whole grain rice contains higher levels of nutrition and fiber it is considered by consumers to be a healthy option and is growing in popularity.

Hilton is more than a hotel with bedrooms meeting rooms, bars and restaurants. Hilton is always proud to support local communities.


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Posted by Treamprom Klinhom
Originally from Chiangkham district, Phayao province, Thailand
Currently working as Cluster Marketing and Communications Manager at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok and DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok Hilton Hotels & Resorts

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