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Escoffier Dîner at VIVIN Grocery – Bistro Ekamai

Chef Frédéric Hamann, Head Chef at VIVIN Grocery (disciples d’Escoffier), Chef Hervé Frerard, Culinary Director at Montien Hotel Surawong (disciples d’Escoffier) and Chef “Som” Jutamas Theantae (friend of disciples d’Escoffier) at SOM’S TABLE will be coming together for a very special and unique event “Where French Escoffier Meets Thai Ingredients”.

This coming 10th November 2022 from 6.00 pm, the 3 Chefs Challenge would be to create dishes inspired by authentic Escoffier recipes and technique but using almost exclusively the ingredients available at the VIVIN Grocery Bistro downstairs.

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Diners will enjoy a hearty and beautifully constructed 4 Course Escoffier diner with dishes based on Thai, organic/natural and artisanal ingredients.

Chef Frederic, Head Chef of VIVIN Grocery, Canard à l’orange will feature Thai-grown Duck Breast, Duck Fat, Organic White Radish, Wildflower Honey, Organic Mango Vinegar and Macadamia nuts.

Chef Som’s   Melba Toast Trio dish will incorporate VIVIN Grocery’s: Chorizo sarta, Huay Bong Durif Thai Cheese, Organic Lemon, Isaan Rum, Organic Eggplant, Dry duck breast, Baguette Parisienne and Free range eggs.

The diner will end with Dessert from Chef Herve ‘Baba au Rhum Des iles, Chutney of Pineapple Pulay and Vanilla Cream’ with Dried Baby Pineapple and Rhum arrangé.

Special Guest, Cheesmaker and founder of Jartisann Cheese will curate the ‘Say Cheese’, Cheese Board for the evening, presenting his best cheese products to match with the Escoffier dinner course.  

Escoffier Dîner at VIVIN Grocery – Bistro Ekamai Menu

Welcome Drink
2019 Verdelho, GranMonte, Kao Yai, Thailand
Chef Som – starter
Melba toast trio
A canape assortment of crisped artisanal toast, topped with a wild assortment of artisanal Thai charcuteries, cheeses and condiments.

2019 Durif, GranMonte, Kao Yai, Thailand
Chef Fred – main
Canard à l’orange
Low temperature Barbarie Klong Phai Farm organic duck breast, orange sauce
Truffled carrots dual, butternut & macadamia nuts “millefeuille”

2017 Heritage Syrah Viognier, GranMonte, Kao Yai, Thailand
Jartisann Cheesery
“Sae” Cheese! Plate

Selection of 4 premium artisanal cheese

2017 Spring Syrah Cabernet, GranMonte, Kao Yai, Thailand


2019 Viognier, GranMonte, Kao Yai, Thailand
Chef Hervé – dessert
Baba au rhum des îles
Rhum arrangé, chutney of pineapple Pulay and vanilla cream
Local Thai coffee or organic tea

Artisanal sourdough bread & AOP French butter

About GranMonte Vineyard and Winery:
GranMonte Vineyard and Winery in Khao Yai (“Big Mountain”) is Thailand’s International award-winning vineyard and winery located in Khao Yai, Asoke Valley which is located approximately 120 KM (2.5 hours drive) North from Bangkok city and is renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Site National Park, Khao Yai National Park. Among the exotic wildlife and mountainous terrain, natural water springs and flora fields there is another National pride which nestles among the mountain regions of Khao Yai and that is GranMonte Vineyard and Winery. Since 1999 GranMonte, a family founded and run business, have pioneered the wine movement in Thailand and were also instrumental to Vitis vinifera development in the country. Each GranMonte wine from each vintage is a unique experience, and all of them are bound together by Nikki Lohitnavy, Thailand’s first oenologist and the daughter of the GranMonte estate owner. Nikki Lohitnavy is now a leading expert on tropical viticulture and winemaking Internationally. The GranMonte brand is fast becoming renowned in Asia, with fine restaurants in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong supplying their labels and even in France you can find GranMonte on a wine list.

About Chef Frederic Hamann:
Welcome Chef Frédéric Hamann as Head Chef at VIVIN Grocery overseeing the menu, kitchen operations and gastronomical developments at VIVIN Grocery branches; VIVIN Grocery – Bistro Ekamai and VIVIN Grocery – Cafe Asok. Frédéric Hamann, French head chef begins his new post at VIVIN Grocery in October 2022, armed with extensive 20 years of professional experience as a chef and 5 years as a culinary instructor. Before Frédéric Hamann joined VIVIN Grocery, the chef was in charge as chef instructor to open the “culinary institute disciples d’Escoffier” Thailand, training and guiding, to transmit young minds, strong skills and knowledge to the traditional French Gastronomy. Chef Frédéric also actively participated to develop the school program within a 100% success rate of new graduates for the Official French culinary certificate. He also held the position of President of Association of “Disciples Escoffier Thailand from the last 2 Years; developing and bringing awareness to the association. “My mission at VIVIN Grocery is to bring and transmit the classic skills and knowledge of French Cooking, proposing simple but good “Bistronomy” dishes, whilst further improving cooking technique, plating and development of special menus, seasonal dishes, and new culinary events and activities. I will be doing this by working almost exclusively with the local produce and products available at VIVIN Grocery. Sustainable locavore is something most chefs, including myself, are very passionate about and I am looking forward to a bright future working with VIVIN Grocery”

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