VIVIN Grocery | Great Artisanal Sandwiches

“It’s all about product”

[#VIVINGrocery] Welcome to our new ready-to-eat collection of Artisanal Sandwiches. Concept is simple, use the amazing products we produce or are made by local artisans, available at VIVIN Grocery and Lineman

  • By Local Farmers & Artisans
  • Thai & Regional Ingredients
  • Free-Range Eggs
  • Certified Organic Vegetables

All ingredients* are selected from our range of local artisanal products in our grocery store. Our aim is to offer sumptuous, affordable sandwiches which highlight natural/organic, homegrown or homemade quality artisanal produce.

* Only exception to non-local is AOP French Butter in every sandwich!

Made fresh to order! Choose from artisanal sourdough or artisanal viennese bread.

Half baguette sandwich size (20CM) start from 195 THB
Full baguette sandwich size (40CM) start from 350 THB

Order now at 

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