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Pimalai Resort & Spa, the five-star sanctuary on the southern Thai island of Koh Lanta, has launched a new menu that features some of the most iconic and authentic dishes from Southern Thailand. Cooked with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, these recipes reinforce the resort’s commitment to nature, the community and creating highly original experiences for its discerning clientele.

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The new menu has been curated by Chef Supon “Peng” Kaewcharoenpaiboon, Pimalai’s Executive Chef Thai de Cuisine, who has more than 20 years of experience. Having first learned about Thai cooking through his family’s food business, Chef Peng is now an expert in the art of Royal Thai cuisine and has served as Head Chef at Blue Elephant, the famous Thai restaurant in Dubai, UAE. He is keen to showcase Thai food on an international stage and has been a culinary ambassador at events in Indonesia, Singapore, UAE and USA. He even represented the Thai Embassy at the United Nations Food Festival in New York.

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Southern Thailand has an exotic food culture that derives from the region’s native ingredients. Chef Peng has carefully researched the various herbs, spices and products from different provinces in order to understand Southern Thailand’s unique flavours. This helped him to devise a selection of recipes that reflect the culinary and cultural heart of the region. These can now be enjoyed at Spice and Rice, Pimalai’s popular sea-facing Thai restaurant. Guests can choose from the following dishes:

  • Budu Herb Rice Salad – This vibrant salad blends Budu sauce from Saiburi – one of Southern Thailand’s most famous sauces – with fresh vegetables from the local villagers’ gardens and brown rice from the Rim Ping Organic Farm in Chiang Mai.
  • Kaeng Som (Phatthalung Recipe) – This local twist on the popular sour & spicy soup is made using a chili paste from Phatthalung, along with tamarind and turmeric to give it a vibrant orange colour.
  • Kaeng Tai Pla – This spicy fish soup is made with coconut milk and chili paste to give it a hot and smooth sensation. Chef Peng also uses pickled mackerel kidneys to create a truly unique homemade recipe.
  • Sataw Phad Goong – This delectable dish of stir-fried pakria with shrimp and minced pork uses Koh Lanta’s famous shrimp paste, pakria (bitter beans) from villagers’ garden and fresh shrimp from the island’s fishing community.
  • Kanom Ko – One of the most popular desserts in Southern Thailand, this sweet dish is made using coconut milk from the coconut groves of Koh Lanta.

These Southern Thai recipes can be enjoyed alongside a wide range of delicious, traditional Thai dishes at Spice and Rice. Some of the restaurant’s other popular menu items include Dried Fish with Watermelon, Braised Wagyu Beef Massaman Curry, Green Chicken Curry with Roti, Tom Kha Gai with Liang Leaves, and even a special Pad Thai that Chef Peng used to promote Thailand at international food shows.

Pimalai is committed to supporting local communities and reducing its environmental impact. By sourcing ingredients from within Koh Lanta, it ensures the freshness and flavour of the produce, while also providing a source of income for fishermen, farmers and small-scale producers, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions associated with transportation. In fact, Pimalai has been able to reduce the frequency of trucks transporting raw materials to the resort from daily to no more than twice a week. In addition, any leftover food from Pimalai’s restaurants is brought into the composting process to be used as fertiliser for the resort’s gardens.

“Today’s travellers are seeking highly authentic, localised experiences that connect them with their destination. Food is a key aspect of this and Pimalai is committed to strengthening the links between our guests and the island by offering original cuisine that cannot be found anywhere else. Pimalai is also completely committed to giving back to the community and caring for the environment. Every aspect of our business must be as sustainable as possible and have minimal impact on the environment,” said Charinthip Tiyaphorn, Owner Representative of Pimalai.

Pimalai Resort & Spa is one of the world’s most luxurious resorts, with a total of 121 suites and private pool villas all surrounded by lush greenery and mountains overlooking the Andaman Sea. In 2022, Pimalai was named as the 12th best hotel in the world in Tripadvisor’s “Traveller’s Choice 2022 – Best of the Best Awards”, while Condé Nast Traveller placed Pimalai in its “Top 15 Resorts in Thailand” list. In addition, the Boutique Hotel Awards 2022 honoured Pimalai with two illustrious titles: “Best Hotel with a View Asia 2022” and “World’s Best Hotel with a View 2022.” Pimalai is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s (SLH) Considerate Collection, a group of five-star luxury hotels that place great emphasis on social responsibility and environmental preservation.

For more information about Pimalai Resort & Spa, please email reservation@pimalai.com, call +66 (0) 2 320 5500 or visit pimalai.com.

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