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#NYBKKBagel Limited Edition with Wild Nature Artisan x VOLKS x Chef Andy Yang

“When New York Meets Bangkok’s Bagel – Artisanal Jam Maker, Bagel Brand Entrepreneurs and Famous Thai Chef Collaborate on a Limited Edition #NYBKKBagel, Bringing the Flavours of 2 Cities to Bangkokians and campaigning to #BagelitForward for Charity.”

Final Poster SQ 2 NYBKKBagel scaledWild Nature Artisan was founded by two sisters Dara Wongwan (Noy) and Tubtim Malaiarisoon (Nai) who own a certified organic urban farm in Chiang Mai to where they produce artisanal, organic and natural products, such as “Sairoong Jam”, a collaborative recipe jam by Chef Andy Yang. This extraordinary fruit confiture became the inspiration behind this exciting tri-collaboration which brings together Thai – New Yorkers , Chef Andy Yang and the VOLKS siblings Sherry and Volk Jensiriwanch, to create an original bagel recipe, aptly named the “NYBKK Bagel”.

“We’re always having fun and excited when we get the chance to ‘get together/brainstorm’ each time we create a new menu recipe. Especially at this time, Wild Nature Artisan will work with interesting people like Volk and Chef Andy Yang where the exchange of opinions and experiences between people of different eras makes this a discovery for the right balance between Sairoong Artisan Jam and bagels.” – Dara Wongwan

#BagelItForward: The limited edition bagel will not  only celebrate New York’s iconic bagel integrating artisanal Thai-grown flavours using urban farm ingredients but the opportunity for the public to contribute the #BagelitForward 9 THB donation Kao Kin Kan (9 กิน กัน) campaign by the Food for Fighter Organization, by simply sharing their bagel via their social media and as many times as they like! (*see full instructions below)

Final Poster SQ NYBKKBagel

The NYBKK Bagel is a culmination of the exceptional expertise of Chef Andy Yang, of Michelin Star ‘Table 38’ in Bangkok (2020) and young and bright entrepreneurs, Sherry and Volk who recently graduated from their respective colleges in New York to return to Bangkok to launch a bagel brand. Chef Andy Yang began his career cooking as a teenager in 1997 before moving to New York City. It was there that he gained international acclaim as he became the first Thai in the US to win a Michelin star for his Greenwich Village-based restaurant, Rhong Tiam, in 2010.

“Living in NYC and calling it home for the past decade especially working in the F&B industry I’m used to and accustomed to a rushed environment. To operate long hours with less to no time to sit down for a decent meal.  Bagel is what NYC people and only NYC accustomed to with all flavor nutrition packed in one sandwich.  One sandwich rules them all eaten with a choice of spread to your liking. It’s as close as a meal that any one could get, all coffee carts and every corner deli sells bagels.  Predominantly Jewish and Italian take a large percentage of population therefore cheese in bagels are usually common.”  – Chef Andy Yang

The last but not least piece to this wildly interconnecting bagel puzzle are Wild Nature Artisan, who have worked with Chef Andy on “Sairoong Jam ” to create a recipe that’s akin to “Chef’s Table”.  Whatever you choose to combine with this jam, will reveal different spectrums of palate colours and if that’s not enough to tie-in this awesome threesome, VOLKS have recently opened a VOLKS bagel shop in the heart of Chiang Mai, the hometown of Wild Nature Artisan.

“We’ve always valued giving back to the community. Essentially, our business is to feed people and that is what we do. Whether it is donating money or giving out food, we believe that the act of giving back helps us strengthen the purpose of our business as we move forward.” – Sherry Jensiriwanch

The #NYBKKBagel filling is made up of a generous slathering of Sairoong Jam and complemented with toasted Gruyere Cheese and slices of fresh US Strawberries and a choice from 12 VOLKS Bagel from the original bagels or special bagels selection.

“For the NYBKK Bagel recipe, Volk and I decided to use US strawberry combined with Chiang Mai strawberry, a component in the Wild Nature Artisan x Chef Andy Yang specialty Jam called “Sairoong” meaning rainbow in Thai. The bespoke jam gives endless possibilities to flavor enhancing the element in the bagel especially when eaten with cheese. Each bagel flavour combined with this recipe will give you different endnotes and outcome. Some will produce acidity or savory and some will produce more sweetness.  With that said, the NYBKK Bagel represents a vast variety of flavors, an eclecticity that represents NYC and BKK, which are among the most gastronomically rich and exciting cities in the world.” – Chef Andy Yang

The #NYBKKBagel will be available from the 29th September 2021 to 7th October 2021 for Takeaway & Delivery and at VOLKS, Pradiphat 13 branch only! (https://bit.ly/3tMbgUk)

Pre-order will be available from 22nd September 2021 onward, will cost 290 THB and will be available to purchase at the channels below: 

#BagelItForward 9 THB donation to Food for Fighters campaign will run from 29th September to 7th October 2021.

For those wishing to participate in the #BagelItForward with  Kao Kin Kan (9 กิน กัน) by Food For Fighters campaign of 9THB offered by the NYBKK Bagel team, the #NYBKKBagel buyers can post the bagel as many times as they like, each post will mean a donation of 9THB to the Food for Fighters Organization donated by Wild Nature Artisan and VOLKS. See below for the posting conditions. 

  • Order a #NYBKKBagel
  • Take a picture and post on your social media (be sure it is in pubic setting so we can see it)
  • Hashtag #BagelItForward and #NYBKKBagel
  • Tag @volks.dst and @WildNatureArtisan
  • 9 THB will be donated to Kao Kin Kan (9 กิน กัน) by Food For Fighters
  • The more you post the more money for charity!

Find out more about our #NYBKKBagel brand collaborators here: https://bit.ly/2Xmq4wv

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