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Ministry of Crab Bangkok Launches Crab Biryani, the Ultimate Comfort Food

Ministry of Crab, Sukhumvit’s hub of sustainable seafood, is taking family-style dining to the next level with the launch of its new Crab Biryani, available in generous portions perfect for small or medium-sized groups.

Ministry of Crab Bangkok A47A0755

The Colombo-born restaurant has added its own twist to the aromatic mixed rice dish of biryani, which was first brought to Sri Lanka by South Indian Muslims in the early 1900s. As a result of lengthy experimentation, Chef Dharshan Munidasa’s Crab Biryani features 500-750 grams of iconic Mud Crab (deshelled after cooking), premium Basmati rice, 3-6 eggs and an aromatic blend of Sri Lankan spices. It is also served in the same clay pot it is cooked in, which intensifies its aroma and taste. The Crab Biryani is available on Wednesdays.

Ministry of Crab Bangkok Chef Dharshan

For a delectable mix of flavours, the dish is accompanied by a fresh mint sambol that’s been hand-ground on a Miris Gala (grinding stone), classic Malay pickle made from a secret family recipe, and a light and creamy crab gravy.

Wine lovers also have the option to enhance the meal with a specially priced bottle of El Gos Blanc by Blackbird, an ecological Spanish white whose strong aromas of white rose and lychee, and round and full flavours make it a great pairing to delicious crab dishes. The Crab Biryani is available in two sizes: serving 2-4 diners for THB 1,590++ or THB 2,690++ with a bottle of wine; or serving 4+ diners for THB 2,490++ or THB 3,590++ with a bottle of wine.

Ministry of Crab owes its name to Sri Lanka’s legendary mud crab, which it serves up in popular styles such as Pepper Crab and Chilli Crab (starting at just THB 1,100++ for a full crab). However, the restaurant’s menu also highlights a bounty of other sustainably-sourced seafood such as amazing king prawns, clams and oysters, as well as authentic Sri Lankan curries.

Prawn is available starting from a half-dozen batch of black tiger prawns all the way up to the 600g Prawnzilla, prepared in a variety of cooking styles from Garlic Prawns to Butter Soy Prawn. Another favourite is the Clay Pot Prawn Curry, which sees half a kilo of two varieties of prawn served in a medley of delicate spices with cubed bread to mop up all the rich flavours. For those craving a taste of the land, the Chicken Curry Rice comes served with Japanese sticky rice, pol sambol and a fried egg on the side — a perfect meal in one.

With its open plan seating, the Bangkok outpost of Ministry of Crab offers guests a casual and spontaneous style of dining that’s well suited to group dining. Another exciting reason to visit comes in the form of its “Corkage-Free Tuesdays.” For one night a week, diners can enjoy their order of fresh seafood or unctuous curry together with their favourite bottle of wine brought from home at no extra cost.

The restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday-Sunday 6pm – 11pm (last seating at 10pm) and open for lunch on weekends 11.30am – 2.30pm.

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Restaurant information:
Ministry of Crab, Bangkok
Located in Sam-ed Building, Sukhumvit 31

Tel:               098-598-6554

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