Food For Fighters FFF Zero Hunger 7 Chefs Project

Food For Fighters, Zero Hunger Project in Bangkok

Food For Fighters (FFF) began, from seeing the suffering of our friends in the restaurant business, when the 1st COVID outbreak spread. I posted on Facebook that if we opened the fundraiser with 50  boxes of restaurants a day, 50 baht/box of food, 7 days of credit, to be delivered to healthcare professionals, would anyone be interested?”, P’Tete’ (Ms. Panchana Vanasathein, founder of FFF)

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Food for Fighters, founder by Ms. Panchana Vanasathein (P’Tete), and called in Thai  ‘Kao Puea Mor’, began during the first COVID-19 pandemic with the idea of wanting to keep the restaurants affected by the pandemic, still working and operating in some way. By crowdfunding, the donor’s budget allowed us to hire restaurants to cook rice boxes and deliver to healthcare workers. Food for Fighters first launch, was successful in pulling a network of 100 restaurants in 20 provinces, and according to online crowdfunding platform Sinwattana, 315  people were supported, amounting to 1,482,018 baht.” P’Tete’ recalled

However, we thought “at that time, we felt that healthcare workers and community members shouldn’t have to eat chicken basil every day. When people are suffering, sometimes, an extra benefit to health comes from a simple but elusive happiness, which could be eating your favourite dishes that you can’t afford to buy or being able to make yourself. So imagine your favourite dish but an even more wonderfully delicious or gourmet version of them in a great time of need. This is why we asked those in the COVID-19 affected communities, which dishes they missed or wanted to eat most. 

From then, The Food For Fighters – 7 Chefs project was born. We requested meals from 7 top chefs of Bangkok’s Michelin and gourmet restaurants, to participate in cooking quality and hygienic food to serve to those in urgent need with funds by donors to cover the food at cost price and also with the use of raw ingredients donated by our kind hearted local Thai farmer and producer donors.

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On the 29th, our 7 Chefs came together at Chim by Siam Wisdom to cook 100 exclusive lunch boxes each for our fighters. The Chefs volunteered their personal time and advanced cooking skills to support these multiple communities and centers; Khlong Toey Slums, Field Hospitals, Jails who are in grave danger of the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

Participating were Chef Noom Thaninthorn Chantrawan from Chim by Siam Wisdom, Chef Andy Yang from Table 38, Chef Ton Thitid Tassanakajohn from Baan Restaurant, Chef Nick Natawoot Thammaphan from Wang Hinghoi, Chef David Thompson from Aksorn, Chef Som Jutamas Theantae from Karmakamet Conveyance, and Khun Srirat Sripinyo from Sri Trat.

Meals cooked by each chef: 

  • Chef Noom – ​Steamed Rice with Taro and Chicken Stew with Truffle Oil (ข้าวอบเผือกไก่ตุ๋นซีอิ้วกับน้ำมัน​เห็ดทรัฟเฟิล​)
  • Chef Andy – Pad Thai (ผัดไทย)
  • Chef Ton – Grilled Pork Neck with Rice (ข้าวคอหมูย่าง)
  • Chef Nick – Chicken Burger with Salads (เบอร์เกอร์ไก่ + สลัด) 
  • Chef David – Fried Chicken with Coconut Rice (ข้าวกะทิไก่ทอด)
  • Chef Som – Fried Mackerel with Shrimp Paste Sauce (nam prik kapi pla too) with Rice and Chicken Biryani with Rice (ข้าวปลาทูน้ำพริกกะปิ และ ข้าวหมกไก่)
  • Sri Trat – Pork Stew with Cha Muang Leaves with Rice (ข้าวอบหมูชะมวง)

It was a successful collaboration event which shows how many of Thailand’s Thai and Foreign chefs care about the community and are willing to help us provide food for the Food for Fighters : Zero Hunger Project. The Chefs cooked from morning and in the end, 700 meals were distributed out to the several different communities. The Food for Fighters -7 Chefs initiative purpose was not only to fill bellies but also to fill hearts and by the feedback received this was successfully achieved! 

Since the beginning of May, the time of 3rd COVID, we have set up FFF center at Chulalongkorn University Alumni Association under the King’s Patronage. We spread our support to communities that suffer from the epidemic. The number of communities keeps increasing everyday. For example, Khlong Toei starts with 40 communities with one hundred thousand people. Normally, Food for Fighters delivers 200 boxes of rice a day, but today it has increased to 400 boxes, with a total daily demand of 3-4 thousand boxes in about 10 communities that the group maintains. 

After ten days of operating, we set the new goal to reach 100,000 rice boxes. By setting the number, it is easier for us to crowdfund. Donors are coming from different places to help with the new target number, but we are able to reach out to support more, if even small restaurants join in, which will also help keep them operating their businesses by the modest but helpful budget they are provided. Some came to thank us personally with tears that we have helped them breathe to live again.

From 8 am to 5 pm seven days a week, FFF center operates on a volunteer basis. Volunteers keep walking in from all connections. Our center opens for all types of support.

Please consider the below assistance if anyone or establishment wishes to join. 

“No Act of Kindness, No matter how small is ever wasted.”

  • If you have food, cook for us. We have more than 5,000 boxes requested per day.
  • If you have time, come to help us make goody bags.
  • If you have time and strength, come help us load and unload tons of donations.
  • If you have none of the above, you can help donate and join us to support all the fighters.

More information about Food For Fighters (FFF): Faceook: Food For Fighters

Contact info: Please call +66(0) 2 016 9910, Khun Puech +66(0) 86 564 0957, Khun Keng +66(0)84 265 5491

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